About Us

We Implement Real, Meaningful Change

We are a boutique organization development consulting firm, that will take an objective look at where you are, and help you chart the best path forward.

We have but one passion: to build a strong sustainable organisations. We help businesses, non-profits and other organizations identify and implement sustainable practices by providing thought leadership and high value sustainability consulting services. Our team is comprised of like-minded professionals  and experts in corporate sustainability, climate change, organizational development consultants and engineers. We have come together with a unified purpose to serve missions that matter.

We are committed to:

  •  Providing a high return on investment and delivering the outcome we’ve promised.
  • Building client self-sufficiency, not consultant dependence.
  • Addressing your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Being flexible, responsive, organized, approachable, proactive and positive.


We will extensively understand where you are and where you’re going, and, when needed, we’ll use organizational assessments to:

  1. Understand Your People: When your organization’s people (your most valuable asset) are working to their full potential, the entire organization wins.
  2. Create a  sustainability Plan: A detailed plan of action coupled with the means to execute and evaluate it puts your organization in the driver’s seat.
  3. Uncover Better Processes: With the right systems and tools in place, you can do more with less – and do it better.

Checklistopen (2)

  •  Collaborative brainstorming and strategizing
  • Quick action – so you can enjoy results sooner
  • A more efficient and streamlined organization
  • A simple, easy experience
  • A budget-conscious approach
  • Guidance and recommendations on moving forward
  • Real, meaningful change