Major risks among Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs)

Small businesses are unique in many ways. They do not have the extensive resources or knowledge-base that large organizations may have. Because of this, while small businesses may face similar risks to their larger counterparts, they may be more vulnerable and thus should employ more careful mitigation strategies. At Sustainable Business Consulting, we support businesses toContinue reading “Major risks among Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs)”

Fundraising: Which road to take Equity ,Debt or Grant

Navigating the entrepreneurial ecosystem we have seen the rise of alternative finance with early stage investment and equity crowdfunding providing new opportunities for SMEs to finance growth. Most small and growing businesses lack of understanding of the kind of funding that’s most suitable for them. They opt for bootstrapping – growing without seeking external capitalContinue reading “Fundraising: Which road to take Equity ,Debt or Grant”

Diet goals : How about a ‘Flexitarian’ Diet?

Was one of your year resolutions eating healthy? What did you have for dinner last night? Might you have made a different choice if you had a simple way to compare the environmental impacts of different foods? Well, I am not a nutrition expert but I can tell you ways of ensuring sustainability of ourContinue reading “Diet goals : How about a ‘Flexitarian’ Diet?”