Earning Followers with Great Leadership

Leadership is a quality necessary for anyone who has to accomplish objectives with and through people. Simply put, people deserve great leadership. Every organization has people who have the creativity to produce ideas that help the organization succeed in a rapidly changing environment. Some organizations know how to nurture and develop those capacities. The difference between the companies that will be the success stories of the future and those that will struggle in their shadows boils down to the leadership provided by the organization’s management team.



Upon completion of this module, supervisors, managers, and executives will be able to:

  • Understand the important role vision plays in leadership
  • Identify expectations and motivators of today’s changing workforce
  • Clarify the difference between operational tasks and leadership tasks
  • Identify the characteristics of a great leader


Key Topics:

  • Discover the power of “attitude” and its leadership importance
  • The role of confidence in effectively supervising a team
  • Leadership and power… where does the power come from?
  • The difference between integrity and hypocrisy
  • Manage the generation mix… leading geeks to geezers
  • Determine the skill set needed to inspire, motivate, and lead today’s employees
  • Understand the important role vision plays in leadership
  • Develop a draft of their own personal leadership vision
  • Develop detailed actions that will help them become even more effective leaders
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