We work with organisations from the private and public sectors to help them understand, measure and communicate their impact.

We work with organizations to understand , measure and communicate:

A. Social Impact

The goal of social impact assessment is to drive improvements that increase the value of programs to the people they serve. Social impact assessment helps organizations to plan better, implement more effectively, and successfully bring initiatives to scale

B. Environmental Impact include Life Cycle Analysis

Today’s entrepreneurs understand the value of of making positive environmental impacts through their businesses more than ever before. Making a green impact as an organization can strengthen customer relationships and help to build a brand image of integrity and a commitment to ethics.



Sustainable Business Consulting has designed an approach to help foundations, nonprofits, social enterprises, and other stakeholders discover ways to increase impact.

The approach uses a model that  carefully defines organizations inputs (resources and constraints), processes (organizational activities), outputs (results), outcomes (intermediate effects), and impacts (progress on social issue).


Knowing what impact your business has on the community and being able to communicate that in a clear and tangible way is a fantastic opportunity for you to tell your customers that your business cares and creates impact.