Presentations that are well prepared and expertly delivered give your audience just what they want – information, inspiration, and the opportunity to applaud. So why is speaking before a group the number one fear of people in our society? Through the use of a few simple techniques, participants can take their presentations to new and greater heights. Whether their objective is to inspire, inform, educate, or entertain their audience, this seminar will give participants the knowledge they need to deliver memorable, confident, credible presentations.


This course is for anyone looking for a comprehensive program on speaking basics with multiple opportunities for practice, feedback and coaching.



  • Control nervousness and project confidence and credibility
  • Organize the presentation to effectively deliver an impressive message
  • Command the audience’s attention with a powerful opening and close
  • Deliver a clear, concise, succinct message
  • Strengthen delivery with gestures and vocal variety
  • Effectively utilize notes
  • Enhance presentation with visuals that educate and increase retention
  • Eliminate “ums,” “ok’s,” and other ineffective mannerisms
  • Confidently handle questions from the audience
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