All our highly interactive employee and management training programs are customized and designed to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Each hands-on program is developed to be both educational and entertaining, providing your leaders or employees indispensable skills and techniques that can immediately be put to use in the workplace. 

We help you gain measurable results through our collaborative process of setting expectations, measuring performance and reinforcing behaviors. Sustainable Business Consulting can help your organization achieve real, measurable results through our structured service training and career development process.

Our Trainings include:


Gain the skills you need to help your organization adopt sustainable practices, foster innovation, and develop long-term plans to minimize environmental impact.

  • Foundation course on Sustainability

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Employee engagement

  • Strategy  of Sustainability

  • Sustainable  Supply chain

  • Carbon Footprinting

  • Water Footprinting

  • Sustainable Product Innovation



Didn’t see the training course you were looking for? Our senior consultants and trainers are experts at designing and delivering training programs that are personalized specifically for your organization, industry, team or challenge. Whether you a one day training course or a strategy session, we can deliver a customized course that will meet your specific needs.

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