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Course Title: Planning For Sustainability Risk

Course Description

By attending this interactive training course, you will focus on sustainability risks. Few industries are immune to criticism that they behave irresponsibly. Whether it’s the retail "fast-fashion" sector being criticized for ignoring poor working conditions, or the waste of resources from the products it makes, the construction industry for pollution, unsafe working practices and lost-time injuries on their building sites, the petroleum industry for accelerating climate change – the scope for reputational damage is ever-present for the unwary company. So how can companies anticipate and plan for major sustainability risks turning into reality? And in a world that has not forgotten the Covid-19 pandemic, what are the sustainability risks linked to that ongoing threat?


  1. The risks of irresponsibility
  2. Principles of managing risk
  3. What are the key risks that can prevent companies being considered sustainable?
  4. How should companies identify, assess and respond to sustainability risks?


Upon completion of this online course, you will achieve the following:

  1. Understand the classic risk management process and its related models
  2. Apply this process to the sustainability agenda
  3. Consider case studies where companies that ignored sustainability risks paid a heavy price
  4. Learn lessons that can be applied to your own organization

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