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Course Title: Systems Thinking for Sustainability

Course Description

Discover tools for complex systems analysis and design that will guide your work towards a more sustainable future. Everything on the planet is interlinked. This applies to human society, processes, and organisations. If you want to drive sustainable change, you need to understand that nothing exists in isolation, but works as part of a larger system.

This course  will equip you with systems analysis and design tools to help you gain a more nuanced understanding of complex systems and use this understanding in practice. The systems thinking approaches you’ll learn are also geared towards effective change, to empower you to design actionable interventions.

For who

This course will be interesting to professionals who want to leverage systems thinking to better understand complex systems, and take practical steps to drive sustainable change.

Upon completion of this training workshop:

Participants will be equipped wit sustainable development frameworks that can be applied across industries. These tools are useful to practicing and aspiring sustainability professionals or those who want to drive sustainable change in their area

Only by taking positive, practical steps will we be able to build a sustainable future. Systems thinking can play a central role in driving the change you need to meet your own and your organisation’s goals.

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