We help clients make better decisions, integrate sustainability into their business and engage companies to become future-fit


Who We Are

With more than 10 years of global experience in sustainability, we work one-on-one with businesses and investors make better decisions, integrate sustainability into their business and engage companies to become future-fit


What We Do

We are a Sustainability Consulting& ESG Advisory firm.



The sustainability platform for tomorrow’s climate leaders.


Sustainability Consultancy

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We are a Sustainability Consulting & ESG Advisory firm.

Founded in 2015, SBC’s objective is to inspire, engage and empower companies to reimagine their business models, strategies and plans, in order to achieve the nexus or “sweet spot” that leads to sustained economic prosperity, societal equity and environmental good. We help clients make better decisions, integrate sustainability into their business and engage companies to become future-fit.



We offer various sustainability consultancy services for our esteemed clients.

Sustainability Assessment

We support companies understand the changing context within which they operate and assess their current operations using various tools.

Sustainability Strategy

An effective sustainability strategy is one that empowers a business to build resilience while strengthening performance and creating tangible business value, above and beyond business-as-usual activities.

Sustainability Training

We design and implement training and knowledge tools that bring sustainability skills and know-how into practice through our sustainability training solutions.

Sustainability Investment

We advise clients to create and improve their ESG investment strategies. We offer due diligence and impact assessment services for ethical and impact-oriented investors.

Sustainability Communications & Reporting

Robust sustainability reporting processes are fundamental to advance transparency, accountability and sustainable management.

Sustainability Supply Chain Management

Companies are more and more expected to take responsibility for social and environmental issues in their supply chain. We analyse supply chains to identify how key sustainability issues are being managed.


Globally, nearly 68 million young women & men are looking for a job. Africa’s working-age population is projected to increase to almost 1 billion by 2030. As millions of young people join the labor market, the pressure to provide safe, decent jobs will intensify. The workplace impacts health outcomes, as we spend a considerable amount of our waking time there.

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We offer various ESG advisory services for our esteemed clients.



We help you to understand how sustainability is changing the business landscape and your target customer demands, embed sustainability in your value proposition, and define new and efficient business models to serve them.


We make your supply chain more resilient through pro-actively managing sustainability topics from a risk and opportunity perspective, tackling issues like access to raw materials, changing regulations, waste disposal and carbon emissions.


We help you understand the P&L impact and financial readiness of your organization (or potential partners/acquisition targets) to internalize the true cost of using and impacting natural resources – a consideration that is more and more being enforced through new ‘polluter pay’ legislation which can put your profitability at risk.


We help you to embed sustainability thinking into your company’s culture, mindset and day-to-day operations, building identity and purpose with your employees, and creating momentum to drive forward tangible results.


No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

ESG Investment and Portfolio Management

In this section, we examine how ESG can be integrated and adopted into the management of an investment portfolio and the benefits and limitations o...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Environmental and Social Management System

An effective environmental and social management systems (ESMS) help companies, clients and organizations to integrate plans and standards into the...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Supply Chain Sustainability

Abuses that take place in supply chains can be hard to spot, particularly where those abuses take place within the manufacturing facilities of tier...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Systems Thinking for Sustainability

Discover tools for complex systems analysis and design that will guide your work towards a more sustainable future. Everything on the planet is int...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Sustainability Reporting & Standards

Non-financial reporting is a way for an organization to communicate the relationship between its business and sustainability, and in doing so add v...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Business Drivers for Sustainability and Responsible Business

By attending this training workshop, you will look at the business case for sustainability – answering the question "What's in it for me?" wh...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Planning For Sustainability Risk

By attending this interactive training course, you will focus on sustainability risks. Few industries are immune to criticism that they behave irre...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Social Investing

By attending this course,  you will look at sustainability from a global, environmental perspective. Following on from the Covid-19 pandemic, ...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Socially Responsible Investment

Until a few years ago few professional investors chose "socially responsible investments" when seeking destinations for assets under management. Th...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Good Governance

Governance priorities evolve over time. The quality and composition of the board has been important for years and continues to be important. Relate...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

The People Dimension in Sustainability

This course will consider the "people dimension" in sustainability. This includes the staff, customers, suppliers and communities that the organiza...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

A Green, Sustainable Workspace

Every organization, no matter what the industry or specific nature of their work activities, has a legal and ethical obligation to manage the impac...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) For Business

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Business is a specialized and interactive  course offering a comprehensive knowledge on...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Social Responsibility in Business

The thought behind encouraging sustainability and social responsibility in business seem noble, as the organisations commit to create an optimal ci...

No. of Sessions: 4 Sessions (1hr Each)

Engaging Stakeholders to Build A Sustainable Plan

By attending this course , you will look at the need to and how to engage stakeholders in the construction of a sustainability plan for the organiz...


Enterprise Risks Management

Risk Management software helps you anticipate, assess, mitigate, and monitor every form of risk from every corner of the organization.

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Third Party Risk Management

With Sustainable Business Consulting GRCS platform for Third Party Management, you can maintain a single inventory of all your third-party relationships, their firmographic data...

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Health & Safety Management Software

Ensure your employees stay healthy in their jobs and go home safe from work each day. Intelex’s EHS software makes it easy to track and report your safety data, analyze trends...

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Business Continuity Management Software

SBC Business Continuity Management empowers enterprises to execute and manage an effective business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) program. It provides a...

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Sustainability & ESG Tool

As organizations look to improve their sustainability management efforts, it is important to build a strong, foundational ESG framework. SBC sustainability software equips organizations...

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