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Course Title: Engaging Stakeholders to Build A Sustainable Plan

Course Description

By attending this course , you will look at the need to and how to engage stakeholders in the construction of a sustainability plan for the organization. Many examples exist of business  initiatives attempting to deliver community benefits , only to discover that the initiatives are irrelevant or unwanted. What seemed like a good idea inside the CSR department can fall short of what is actually needed, leading to frustration, waste of resources or even rejection. Companies that understand this are able to construct an assessment of the prioritized issues that are 'material' to stakeholders and then build their sustainability plans based upon that assessment. This training workshop unpicks these activities.


  1. The Materiality assessment – what are the key issues?
  2. How do we impact our stakeholders?
  3. Stakeholder engagement
  4. Developing and implementing a sustainability plan


Upon completion of this training workshop, you will have:

  1. Considered how a company's activities can impact the communities they work with.
  2. Learned about how to assess 'materiality'.
  3. Discussed a process around engaging stakeholders.
  4. Considered how materiality is an input to a sustainability plan

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