Enterprise Risks Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) enables a structured and systematic approach towards managing organizational risks in the business.

Third Party Risk Management

With Sustainable Business Consulting GRCS platform for Third Party Management, you can maintain a single inventory of all your third-party relationships, their firmographic data, and their risk profiles.

Health & Safety Management Software

Ensure your employees stay healthy in their jobs and go home safe from work each day. Intelex’s EHS software makes it easy to track and report your safety data, analyze trends and draw...

Business Continuity Management Software

SBC Business Continuity Management empowers enterprises to execute and manage an effective business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) program. It provides a flexible...

Sustainability & ESG Tool

Enabling companies and investors to gather, measure, manage, report AND act on ESG and sustainability goals. As organizations look to improve their sustainability management efforts, it is important to build a strong...

Crisis and Incident Management

Manage incidents, develop coordinated responses, and analyze lessons learned with confidence from one centralized view.