Third Party Risk Management

Create Confidence in Your Third-Party Relationships

Benefit from Less Risky Partnerships

With Sustainable Business Consulting GRCS platform for Third Party Management, you can maintain a single inventory of all your third-party relationships, their firmographic data, and their risk profiles. From critical suppliers to short term contractors, third-party relationships have plenty of upsides, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by managing several vendors. By centralizing your network, you can create vendor risk management processes that are robust, repeatable, and flexible enough to grow with your business.

Our tiered approach allows organizations of virtually any level of program maturity to leverage SBC’s robust workflow and data management to onboard third parties, conduct risk assessments and due diligence, and manage the entire life cycle of the third-party relationship.

SBC Third-Party Risk Management solution streamlines and automates tracking and monitoring of third parties so you can quickly identify high-risk suppliers, collaborate on assessments, and focus your time on more strategic activities


  • ● Compiles important details and documentation for all third parties, including your vendors, your vendors’ vendors, and channel partners.
  • ● Automates workflows to save time and improve reliability.
  • ● Provides a portal for vendors to submit responses.
  • ● Vets potential vendors thoroughly and consistently


  • ● Constructs appropriate questionnaires based on vendor type.
  • ● Calculates a risk score and overall classification (e.g., high, medium, low) for each vendor.
  • ● Tracks vendor issues – and verifies that they have been resolved.

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