Sustainability Investment

We advise clients to create and improve their ESG investment strategies. We offer due diligence and impact assessment services for ethical and impact-oriented investors. We further support clients to systematically use environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions and help entrepreneurs to improve their ESG ratings.

1. Social investment strategy
Co-design and implement social investment strategies aligned with our client’s objectives, brands and competencies, with a special focus on carbon-emissions and risk reductions.

2. Due diligence
Provide due diligence reports for investors in line with standards or impact objectives. Our due diligence reports are provided in line with standards like the PRI.

3. ESG Assessment and Strategy
We support organization respond to investor engagements, define their ESG strategy and improve ESG ratings.

4. Impact assessment and monitoring
Support ethical investors to evaluate and understand the social, environmental and economic impact of their investments.