Sustainability Strategy

An effective sustainability strategy is one that empowers a business to build resilience while strengthening performance and creating tangible business value, above and beyond business-as-usual activities. Increasingly, consumers, investors and businesses are demanding more sustainable products and services. We provide our clients with information and tools to create credible, measurable and attainable sustainability strategies and programs.

1. Co-design of new business models for sustainable scaling
Working with entrepreneurs to strategically review and enhance their business model.

2. Sustainability Strategy Facilitation, Development and Implementation
We support our clients balance financial, social and environmental priorities by developing strategies and action plans that respect and enhance the bottom line.

3. Carbon and Circular Economy Management
We support organizations to identify opportunities in the low-carbon, circular economy. We further calculate our clients’ carbon and water footprint, define realistic emission reduction targets and develop a suitable strategy for implementation.

4. Climate Resilience Business Models
We assist clients in determining the business potential of climate-resilient products and help them develop comprehensive climate-resilient business models and assessment of emission reduction opportunities.