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Course Title: Social Responsibility in Business

Course Description

The thought behind encouraging sustainability and social responsibility in business seem noble, as the organisations commit to create an optimal circumstances for people to live and work happily. The reality is that every organisation, whether it is a large multinational corporation or a small medium enterprise, can take steps to create a sustainable, socially responsible environment that contributes to positive workplaces, communities, and futures

This course will provide you with a solid understanding of social responsibility, creating corporate social responsibility programs, principles of corporate social responsibility, protecting human rights and labour practices, environmental awareness and sustainability, creating a project plan, setting up project vision and so on.

Learning outcome

Throughout the course, you will learn to define sustainability and social responsibility, principles of social responsibility in business. The course is designed to apply the principles of sustainability and social responsibility in the context of ISO 26000 as well as to develop a program for sustainability and social responsibility in business. Overall, this course will give you the opportunity to pursue a wide range of knowledge regarding areas or scope to pursue more courses at a higher level.

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