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Course Title: The People Dimension in Sustainability

Course Description

This course will consider the "people dimension" in sustainability. This includes the staff, customers, suppliers and communities that the organization is involved with and who benefit or suffer from its business practices. The course also examines sustainability within supply chains from a materials management perspective. Sustainability reporting is now an important way for companies to demonstrate transparently that they are taking non-financial measures into account when pursuing their business strategies. And we will apply the principles of risk management to corporate behaviour which could be seen as irresponsible.


  1. Sustainability – the 'people dimension'
  2. Sustainability and the Community
  3. Sustainability and our employees
  4. Sustainability and customers


Upon completion of this course, you will have:

  1. Developed an understanding of what sustainability means for organizations.
  2. Unpicked the different elements relating to "people, planet and profit".
  3. Dissected the 'people dimension' in sustainability.
  4. Considered how companies that behave irresponsibly risk damaging their staff, suppliers, customers or communities.
  5. Carried out a risk analysis concerned with unsustainable approaches in an organization.
  6. Developed a practical perspective into contemporary work practices in your field.
  7. Developed an Action Plan to be implemented at your workplace using the knowledge and skills acquired through the course.

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